about ROM forlag

ROM forlag [press] is part of ROM for Art and Architecture. The development of the publishing press is part of ROM's ongoing work to build spaces and platforms for in-depth reflection about art, architecture and spaces. ROM press publishes texts by young voices and established researchers that create critical discourse on art and architecture through compelling analysis and critical thinking about timely issues.


The press explores experimental methods for interdisciplinary collaboration in which creative interactions between text and other media (photo, video, sound, drawing, models) become a key part of the argumentation.  


We publish essays and academic articles on our website, and printed books such as anthologies, monographs, and artist books.

To propose articles, essays or book manuscripts for publication, send an e-mail with a short description (or excerpt) of the text and CV to forlag@r-o-m.no.

Editorial Board 2021 - 2022: